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Wine & Cheese Panel 1

Title: In-field self-test for automotive ICs: which solutions are going to prevail and why?

Abstract: Self-test for ICs (based on hardware, software, or combined solutions) has been discussed widely for many years, but there has been no single application that needed it in high volumes.  Relatively quickly, automotive applications have grown to need high coverage, low cost self-test that operates in-system, and within many different ICs.  In some cases, self-test can be performed only at power-up; sometimes self-test must be performed while a function is temporarily idle but the rest of the IC is in use; and in other cases, functions must continuously self-test. The panelists will discuss solutions that are in use now and which are going to become most common.

Organizers: Adit SINGH, Auburn University – USA
                     Stephen SUNTER, Mentor Graphics – Canada

Moderator: Matteo SONZA REORDA, Politecnico di Torino – Italy

Martin KEIM, Mentor Graphics – USA
Ernesto SANCHEZ, Politecnico di Torino – Italy
Yervant ZORIAN, Synopsys – USA 


Wine & Cheese Panel 2

Title: What are the most significant defects that we are not modeling or targeting adequately?  

Abstract: Presently, digital fault simulations typically include stuck-at, IDDQ, transition, delay, and cell-internal faults; analog fault simulations (if used at all) typically include shorts and opens.  The use of defect-oriented testing has been growing, yet functional/specification testing is still often deemed essential as a final defect screen.  The expert panelists will consider defects and faults commonly observed in silicon, and give their opinion on which are the most significant ones that we should be modelling and targeting to cost-effectively approach zero defective parts per million.

Organizers: Adit SINGH, Auburn University – USA
                     Stephen SUNTER, Mentor Graphics – Canada

Moderator: Stephen SUNTER, Mentor Graphics – Canada

Davide APPELLO, STMicroelectronics – Italy
Wim DOBBELAERE, ON Semiconductor – Belgium
Adit SINGH, Auburn University – USA
Vladimir ZIVKOVIC, Cadence – United Kingdom  


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